Again, not a brand spanking new track by any means, but I would highly advise like-minded DJs into eclectic sets to pick this 12″ up immediately. Freeform Five have been dropping absolutely massive dancefloor tunes for a while but weren’t really on the SK radar until we picked up the Mylo remix of their “No More Conversations” part 1 which absolutely kills it every time I drop it in a set. It’s the perfect bridge from 80s electro funk (think Barkay’s, Prince, Stone City Band, Fatback) to modern electro and techno. This remix of Jamie Lidell’s “When I Come Back Around” perfectly summarizes the best aspects of contemporary underground club culture. It’s immediately catchy, has a bigness about it that can be devoted to its enormous break, and has a timelessness that allows it to be inserted almost anywhere in a set around similar BPMs. The Multiply Additions remix CD — which also features remixes from Fourtet, Herbert, Luke Vibert, Mocky and a duet with Jimmy Edgar — is available from Warp but I’d advise you DJs to pick up the 12″ too.

RIYL: Headman, Soulwax, The Glimmers, Ed Bangers, Daft Punk, Tom Tom Club

BUY: The 12″ vinyl can be purchased from Boomkat

Homepage: Check out their very cool homepage

MySpace: Freeform Five’s MySpace home