Boards of Canada Recreated by Bibio

Oct 7th, 2009 Remixes steve 1 min read

Yesterday’s arrival of the immaculately designed and curated Warp 20 Box Set was indicative of the way I’ve been buying music as of late. Less often, but driven by nostalgia, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on the type of things that I’d never be able to afford years ago. Gifts to myself certainly, but an archive like this set — from a…


Jul 16th, 2009 Folk/Acoustic, Glitch steve 3 min read

“Dwrcan” opens with a modest, sad-elephant shuffle bass & break then takes a turn toward a nice half-time glitch groove.

Floating Points

Dec 29th, 2008 Electronic/Dance steve 1 min read

The truth is that I don’t know much about¬†Floating Points¬†other than what’s written on his MySpace page. What I do know is that by evidence of this first track “Love Me Like This” he has an incredibly bright future.

Red Snapper

Aug 8th, 2008 Acid Jazz, Instrumental steve 2 min read

So imagine my surprise — thinking Red Snapper had gone the way of so many bands before them — when a brand new record shows up in my mailbox from Red Snapper. The original Red Snapper.

DJ Mujava

Jul 23rd, 2008 Afrobeat, DJ Weapons, Electronic/Dance, House, World steve 3 min read

I try not to make a lot of bold predictions on SK. I am but one man with unpredictable, selfish and often misguided taste. Truth is, far too many people spend their days trying to forecast the next big trend in music. I’ll leave XLR8R to coin the next sub-genre and predict music’s next great champion (often incorrectly). However, in my very small world, it…

Flying Lotus + Lil’ Wayne

Jul 8th, 2008 DJ Weapons, Downtempo, Glitch, Hip-Hop steve 1 min read

Here’s a quick little nugget just sent out by the Warp camp from LA’s Flying Lotus, who will be dropping a series of EPs throughout August featuring new non-album tracks, very special collaborations, and remixes from some of your favorites. Here’s one of the first, featuring none other than the self-professed “greatest rapper alive” Lil’ Wayne. To be honest, Wayne’s surreal voice and one-of-a-kind flow…

Prefuse 73

Aug 31st, 2007 Breakbeat, Electronic/Dance, Glitch, Hip-Hop, IDM, Instrumental steve 1 min read

The prolific Guillermo Scott Heren, man of many pseudonyms, is back with yet another release under his most noteworthy guise, Prefuse 73. One of the forefathers of the glitch-hop sound — an abstract, mostly instrumental and regularly angular take on hip-hop’s standard 4/4 — Prefuse builds upon an already stellar body of solid experimentalism with Preparations, again released on Warp. Guests on the record include…


Mar 9th, 2007 Instrumental, Rock steve 1 min read

Experimentation in music, as in all things, inherently comes with miscalculated risk. A fact of life for adventurous musicians, there’s no shortage of legendary performers who may have misstepped before taking their great leap forward. With a trio of engaging EPs and a storied collective history in bands like Don Caballero, Lynx and Helmet, the four members of Battles know a thing or two about…

Jamie Lidell vs. Freeform Five

Nov 30th, 2006 DJ Weapons, Electro, From the Crate, Remixes steve 1 min read

Again, not a brand spanking new track by any means, but I would highly advise like-minded DJs into eclectic sets to pick this 12″ up immediately. Freeform Five have been dropping absolutely massive dancefloor tunes for a while but weren’t really on the SK radar until we picked up the Mylo remix of their “No More Conversations” part 1 which absolutely kills it every time…

Home Video

Aug 16th, 2006 Rock steve 1 min read

Considering the recent tragedy in New Orleans, it comes as little surprise that Louisiana transplants Home Video would release a record painted in lingering melancholy. Blurring the lines between electronic and rock music is certainly nothing new but too often the success of this combination is measured by the inability to separate its increasingly disparate parts. But Home Video’s Collin Ruffino and David Gross seem…