For music lovers, we often can pinpoint a particular person or moment that set off the chain of events leading to obsession. One such point in my life was a semester overseas in ’96 to London, where I met some equally insane maniacs who also loved weed, beer and music as much as I. Before that time I was mostly an indie guy, not knowing too much about underground electronic music, but my boy Sam, aka UK Producer/DJ Deven Miles aka Dusty Cabinets, along with others, placed me squarely on a path of no return. Empty pockets, hours in record stores, pit-stained label t-shirts aside, I owe a lot of my musical education to my London Massif, especially to my main man, who also influenced my decision to start DJing 10 years ago.

So to return the favor, SK will infrequently update the goings-on of Sam and company as they make the UK music headz a little bit more knowledgable with their unique and dizzying eclecticism. Sam’s newest venture, with old accomplice Weekend Steve, is Allez-Allez, held on the 1st and 3rd thursday of every month upstairs at catch, 22 kingsland road from 10-2. These two dudes play all things weird, wonderful and danceable and I am certain they will cause a stir worldwide with their boundless energy, intelligence and passion for accessible yet esoteric bangers. If you are reading this, you are obviously as much of a nerd as I am. And I the only thing stopping me from heading over is the Atlantic fucking ocean. So if you are in London, get a move on, and tell Sammy boy that Tim Allen sent you!

1st and 3rd thursday of every month
upstairs at catch, 22 kingsland road, London
w/ resident djs
deven miles (aitbf) and weekendsteve (calling all kids)

RIYL: Neu, Booker T & the MGs, Jackie Wilson, Isolee, Carl Craig, Boredoms, Optimo, DJ Koze, Smith & Hack, Ultramagnetic, Jesus Lizard, Kalabrese, and everything in between.

Weekend Steve: Sickie – Mixed by Weekend Steve

Deven Miles: Starship Traveller – Mixed by Deven Miles

Homepage Click here for more mixes and the tracklists for the 2 mixes above, plus the address, date and directions.

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