I’ve been corrupted. You know you’ve stumbled upon something great when you’re exhibiting obsessive behaviors like playing a song 10 times in a row because 2:55 just isn’t long enough. “Light #1” is that song. Old-school heads will instantly think back to the best parts of Mike Paradinas’ finest U-ziq stuff like “Hasty Boom Alert” and new-schoolers will reference Nosaj Thing’s coastal peers like Flying Lotus, Daedelus and edIT. But this track has everything you’re looking for, honest — starts off shrouded in ambient mystery, crumbles into an absolutely classic synth squelch, all the while tethered with a roughneck break. The melody blasts through the tonal grays into a beautiful, near-ellegiac refrain then crashes back down to the concrete. Fuck it, if this isn’t exactly the kind of shit they should be playing on Sundays in a huge cathedral on some modified midi pipe organ wired through a floor of pedals. Reverend Nosaj, Amen brother. Amen. Be on the look out for this cat and expect beautiful things to come.

edIT, Prefuse 73,  Michna, U-ziq, DJ Shadow, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus, Plaid, Dabreye

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