The d_rradio guys (pronounced D-R-radio) are definitely from the SK oldschool and we are happy to announce their next full-length, self-titled opus will be on its way to your ears in March via UK imprint Distraction Records. We’ve been online friends for sometime (check this old post from 2005 ) and I’ve always respected the range of the trio — I can’t think of any other musicians who release honest-to-goodness funk & raregroove mixes and also produce sterling, joyously melodic electronic music. That’s good shit.

There are a number of great tracks streaming at the d_rradio myspace so I decided to post something else. Perhaps a little more mellow than some of their more upbeat, glitchy IDM, “Long Way Home” is a good follow-up to yesterday’s Jet Black Crayon post. Sort of starts with a Stereolab-on-qualludes half-time crawl then opens into a nice looping guitar/electronics melody that could be the National anthem of a small British commune nestled somewhere within the acreage of a large Berlin farm. Meditative, pretty, and wholly cinematic, with allusions to the ever satisfying end-scene drama that reminds you of movies from decades past. If a folk-obsessed ex-hippy astronaut designed a robot, this is the music it would probably make. I guess I’m feeling soft these days. Must be the aftereffects from the punishing Neurosis/Mastodon double bill from last Friday.

RIYL: Plaid, Savath & Savalas, Tunng, Boom Bip, lots of Morr Music artists