Yppah Album Cover

Today’s post starts a busy week for scissorkick before a short holiday break. Wednesday will mark the introduction of our very first ScissorCast which is basically a pre-recorded hour-long radio show that can be downloaded to the portable media player of your choice. We don’t play favorites here. Then Friday, we will list our Top 25 Records of the Year, which we always look forward to, at least until we realize there were a hell of lot more than 25 great records in 2006 and have to make cuts. Maybe we won’t make cuts and you’ll get our top 27 or 32.

But we start this week off with a new offering from the brand new Ninja Tunes signing, Yppah. Texan Joe Corrales’ takes his pseudonym from flipping ‘happy’ and in a sense he couldn’t be more spot on as his melancholy compositions — featuring guitars, live drums, samples and electronic programming — provide a new take on the lovelorn music of the Lonestar State. This is a wholly unique interpretation of country music of course, less Merle Haggard and more Manual or My Bloody Valentine, but Corrales still finds room to communicate a lonesome sentimentality underneath his well-planned and thickly layered soul. I think “Ending With You” taken from his debut Ninja Tune LP You Are Beautiful at All Times, is a great intro to this new artist, combining a propulsive breakbeat with some nice seasonal electronic bells and whistles. Add some thick, processed bass and a top-layered melody that is sure to stay with you after even the first listen and you have a successful mixtape/road trip combo. Be sure to grab this record if you’re a fan of Signaldrift, Ulrich Schnauss, Manual and other combinations of leftfield beats and dense, dramatic synthesizers and guitars. Good stuff here.

RIYL: Manual, Ulrich Schnauss, Signal Drift, My Bloody Valentine, Christopher Willets, Herrmann und Kleine

MYPSPACE: Yppah’s MySpace home

BUY: Grab the record directly from the Ninja Tune store.