kim hiorthoy

The Smalltown Supersound label has been steadily putting out some of the most unpretentious yet forward-thinking “pop” music for sometime. Tussle and Jaga Jazzist may be the most immediately recognizable names, but Bjorn Torske and Kim Hiorthoy are strong contenders for the label’s most innovative solo artists. Hiorthoy, an accomplished graphic designer and artist, is responsible for much of the look and feel of the stand-out Scandinavian imprint, but his organic electronic compositions should not be overlooked by any means. Much like his art, his music is approachable but not overly simplistic, accessible but still progressive, and most importantly, a combination of organic and synthetic textures that add up to a very palatable, homegrown sound. His newest full-length album, My Last Day proves this to a tee. Today’s post “Beats Mistake” starts with a minimal, melodic calliope-like organ opening and evolves into a head-nodding breakbeat number, that takes a seemingly out-of-place sample like “let’s get buck naked and fuck” and makes it fit neatly into an otherwise poignant, emotive song. That’s some seriously sophisticated shit.

RIYL:: Tunng, Four Tet, Plaid, Jaga Jazzist, Outputmessage, Bjorn Torske

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