Minotaur Shock

Aug 14th, 2008 Abstract Hip-Hop, IDM steve 2 min read

… Other maverick online music models have resulted since (like NIN’s free record), but few have the charm of the recent 4AD release from David Edwards, aka¬†Minotaur Shock.


Aug 12th, 2008 Indie, Metal steve 2 min read

Like SK favorites Jesu, these dudes ply their trade with a potent formula of sound-drenched melody, but unlike them, they have no problem shifting speeds and alternating degrees of accessibility.


Nov 9th, 2006 Dancepunk, Electro, Electronic/Dance, New Disco steve 2 min read

Most of you uber-hipsters already know about French remix master Joakim The guy has single-handedly carved out his own niche in the punkfunk/electronica/IDM/electro realm. This isn’t one of those “breaking” posts or anything. Basically, to keep a long story short, a friend dropped today’s post while DJing at a party and it just blew my head wide open. Keep in mind that European electronic music…