Not sure if you all know about The Hype Machine but if not, you should check it out. It’s basically an aggregator of all the music posted on every significant music blog out there. Seriously. Scissorkick and all the links to your left are there, in addition to hundreds more, and you can search by artists and find a handful (and more) songs available right now to check out. It’s really amazing.

So, because of the presence of something like The Hype Machine, I can easily check and see if something has already been posted online and try not to duplicate it. Preferably, I’d prefer to post an artist or song that hasn’t already been talked about so that you, loyal readers, really feel like you’re getting your minute’s worth. So today’s posts are just that — web exclusives — and it is my pleasure to be able to post them for you.

You might recognize the name Ben Mullins from his work with the tragically underrated instrumental trio Midwest Product (Ghostly) or more recently from PostPrior his new band, also signed to Ghostly. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to interview Ben and he recently, graciously, played the second ScissorSounds party at studio BPM. Both he and Mike (his partner in PostPrior) are amazing guys who write even more incredible songs. I’ve been sitting on about an album’s worth of Ben’s solo stuff (recorded as Ben Benjamin) for a while now and can’t resist posting it. Although these are “rough masters,” they are just too damn good not to share. Not sure if, or when, this stuff will see a proper release, but is certainly should. Fans of Midwest Product and PostPrior will undoubtedly love it as it mixes the same electronic and traditional instrumentation with the emotive, optimistic songwriting that Ben is becoming more frequently associated with. Enjoy these two tunes. You won’t find them anywhere else.

RIYL: PostPrior, Midwest Product, Tiki Obmar, Thom Yorke, Max Tundra, Small Sails, Minotaur Shock

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