Christopher Willits

Jul 28th, 2010 Experimental, Post-Rock steve 1 min read

New offering from Ghostly recording artist Christopher Willits just found it’s way into my inbox. Perfect summertime electro-acoustic jams from the very talented experimental guitarist/producer/software developer/mippie (that’s musical hippie, meant as a good thing) who we’ve covered before here on SK. Densely layered and expectantly complex, “Sun Body” is perhaps one of Willit’s most accessible tracks he’s ever released. Considering his humbling body of challenging…

Ben Benjamin

Jun 28th, 2007 Downtempo, Electronic/Dance, Instrumental, Rock steve 2 min read

Not sure if you all know about The Hype Machine but if not, you should check it out. It’s basically an aggregator of all the music posted on every significant music blog out there. Seriously. Scissorkick and all the links to your left are there, in addition to hundreds more, and you can search by artists and find a handful (and more) songs available right…

Scissorsounds 2

Feb 12th, 2007 Live Event, Site News steve 1 min read

I am thrilled to announce the second installment of what I hope continues an annual celebration of 21st century music: Scissorsound. Last year, we packed our favorite Brooklyn spot, Studio BPM, as Kudu, 33Hz and Matters & Dunaway absolutely killed it on stage


Jan 11th, 2007 Electronic/Dance, IDM, Rock steve 1 min read

Ben Mullins, the architect behind the brilliant Midwest Product on Ghostly, returns from a hiatus with that project as one half of PostPrior, a new duo with vocalist/drummer Michael Kuzmanovski. Fans of Midwest Product will absolutely enjoy the pair’s new digital EP, Touched Pilot, available in the iTunes store. I may get in trouble for posting the title track, but I’ll take the risk of…


Dec 19th, 2006 Breakbeat, Electro, Electronic/Dance, IDM, Instrumental steve 1 min read

Like a lot of folks, I am in agreement that the abbreviaton IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) is about as pretentious as you can possibly get. Without getting too specific — is it not obvious? — I will admit that there should be a term, perhaps a bit more inclusive, to describe the kind of music being made by Bernard Farley, aka Outputmessage. Farley, who was…

Christopher Willits

Oct 6th, 2006 Downtempo, Electronic/Dance, Shoegazer steve 1 min read

October 17th marks the release date of new Ghostly artist Christopher Willets’ Surf Boundaries. A beautiful piece of post-shoegazer guitar and electronics, it represents a narcotic blend of melodic, ambient drone and pastoral, at times, uplifting playing and programming. Glitchy yet highly listenable, Willits mixes his/her vocals into an ambiguous, heavenly concoction and literally surfs the boundary between experimental and accessible. There are moments of…