Here’s a quick little nugget just sent out by the Warp camp from LA’s Flying Lotus, who will be dropping a series of EPs throughout August featuring new non-album tracks, very special collaborations, and remixes from some of your favorites. Here’s one of the first, featuring none other than the self-professed “greatest rapper alive” Lil’ Wayne. To be honest, Wayne’s surreal voice and one-of-a-kind flow fit Flying Lotus’ atmospheric beats and neo-psychedelic production almost perfectly and you wonder what further exploration between these two would unearth. For now, just sit tight with the perfectly named “Robo-Tussin”  and ease into the ether as Weezie’s “She ain’t got shit” lyric slowly morphs into something that sounds similar to “stream that shit” and your brain turns to mush. Or maybe that’s just me.