The incredible, self-styled “synth magician” dEbruit has put out a digital EP to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti.  Heart Beats 4 Haiti features all of the signature styles that you would expect from the innovative Frenchman: funked-out synth lines, huge boom-bap beats and, due to the subject matter at hand, choice samples from Haitian music. If you enjoyed last year’s fantastic Spatio Temporel EP, these latest tracks will be a welcome addition to your library. And, best of all, all profits from the album will go to UNICEF’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. So, for y’all who have slept on the Haitian donation front, only 4 measly bucks (at a minimum…feel free to dig deeper) will get you a killer album and a sense of satisfaction that you helped out those in need. This is truly a deal that’s too good to pass up.

RIYL: Fulgeance, Dabrye, Architeq