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Ben Mullins, the architect behind the brilliant Midwest Product on Ghostly, returns from a hiatus with that project as one half of PostPrior, a new duo with vocalist/drummer Michael Kuzmanovski. Fans of Midwest Product will absolutely enjoy the pair’s new digital EP, Touched Pilot, available in the iTunes store. I may get in trouble for posting the title track, but I’ll take the risk of getting a nasty email from Ghostly, because I’m confident that once you hear this tune you will go and purchase the whole thing (link below). Because honestly, it’s that good. Ben and Mike expand the Midwest sound of live drums, guitars, and electronics by adding some falsetto vocals and a little more of a dancefloor-ready beat. It’s still melodically-focused and even poppy at moments, but again shows Ben Mullin’s unquestionable songwriting talent. Gems all of ’em and although I wait in anticipation of the next Midwest Product releases (not sure if there will even be one), this is an equally satisfying take on electronic rock in the 21st Century.

Midwest Product, Max Tundra, National Trust, New Order, Cassettes Won’t Listen, King Biscuit Time, Milosh


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