Been so slacker it’s not even funny. I can’t apologize enough, and strangely, the Google analytics haven’t shown much drop off. You all rule. So because you have been patient, and because November has produced a cornucopia of instrumental magic, I will be bombing SK with a bunch of posts over the next week or so. Lot’s of brand new, relatively unheard wordless magic from Ernest Gonzales, Tristeza, Slow Six, Blockhead, and today’s post — Lord Newborn and The Magic Skulls.

This is holiday time. Meaning playlists will be made for gatherings of family and friends and you’ll want some mellow tastes to offset your Thanksgiving glut of Skeletonwitch. And you won’t find anything as smooth as Lord Newborn and The Magic Skulls, a California weed-sound supergroup featuring Tommy Guerrero, Shawn Lee and Money Mark. I’d like to shout out DJ Paul Diggs, fellow Bastard Jazzer, for the recommendation. He was right in thinking this would be a perfect SK jam.

The well-seasoned trio kick it purely instrumental style, weaving funk textures, psych backdrops and the loose, jammy feel you’d expect from these three getting together and doing their thing. If you’re thinking generic chillout, you’d be sadly mistaken. This is well-played California soul music of the most organic and likable stripe, equally heavy on groove and melody. Think The Mattson 2, Ray Barbee, Sam Prekop, etc.  For the holidays friends, a dish on your dinner playlist has been served.

RIYL: Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, Ping Pong Orchestra, The Mattson 2

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