I’d like to think that most music fans can count the records that changed their lives on one hand. Any more than that and the impact surely becomes diluted. Of course you have your favorite records, but a truly life-altering album may not even be that great of a musical accomplishment. It’s more a confluence of time, place, mind state, and the overall context. It’s personal. And Red Snapper‘s Prince Blimey is one of those records for me — a truly genre-pushing, what-the-fuck-am-I-listening-to experience that broke so many silly, youthful musical rules I had insisted were unbreakable. The record was a microcosm of my entire experience as a 21-year old exchange student in the UK, transformed from a die-hard indie rock guy to a confused, genre-less maniac who couldn’t get enough of any and all new sounds. It was awesome. And it continues to this day.

So imagine my surprise — thinking Red Snapper had gone the way of so many bands before them — when a brand new record shows up in my mailbox from Red Snapper. The original Red Snapper. The trio comprised of guitarist David Ayers, double bassist Ali Friend and drummer Richard Thair. I was excited. And if you are a longtime fan, you should be too. Pale Blue Dot drops here in the states on October, 28th on Lo Recordings, and is an absolute return to form for the group; beautifully indescribable, wonderfully unpredictable and masterfully executed. Today’s post — “Wanga Doll” — is vintage Red Snapper. Double-bass dub with crescendoing guitar, slick jazz drumming and the rock n’ roll energy of a serious end-scene cinematic experience. There’s no way that drug deal is going down without some serious shit going wrong. No way. The record has six new songs — all instrumentals — and 2 superb remixes from Subway and Kelpe. Pick it up when you can.

RIYL: Fila Brazilia, Up Bustle & Out, Palmskin Productions, Funki Porcini, Cinematic Orchestra, David Holmes