A while back, when I was DJing more frequently, I used to rely on a small stack of records to get me through particularly tough transitions within sets. One of those records was “The Underwater Adventure Hop Secret Treasure 12″from the Secret Frequency Crew, and I always felt like their full-length CD that followed on Schematic a few years later was heavily overlooked by DJs because they just couldn’t figure out what label to place on it. Part electro, part downtempo, speckled with live playing and hip-hop sensibility, that record’s reception suffered from the insistence of DJs to slap an easy genre-tag on it.

Four years later, one of the SFC members, Adrian Michna has released his own solo project, Magic Mondays on Ghostly. I won’t get too deep into the bio because the Ghostly site has that locked down, but for a young dude, Michna is certainly on a solid path towards well-deserved notoriety. He DJs as Egg Foo Young here in the city, has done production work for Bonde Do Role and — most importantly — is one of the first artists I can think of who has included written explanations of his instrumental song titles in the CD. It’s that kind of attention to detail that characterizes his music — a sound that doesn’t eschew emotion for style and proves that there’s a place for even the most erudite thinking man on even the most down-and-dirty of dance floors. Dude said it best himself in a piece for The Fader, referring to the new record as a “gateway drug,” and a way to excite listeners to explore the broad spectrum of electronic music currently out there. And frankly, I couldn’t think of a better description. But don’t blame me when you’re 8 steps into your 12-step program.

RIYL: Secret Frequency Crew, Kelpe, mu-Ziq, Hexstatic, Outputmessage, Andrea Parker


“Triple Chrome Dipped” at RCRDLBL