Most of you uber-hipsters already know about French remix master Joakim The guy has single-handedly carved out his own niche in the punkfunk/electronica/IDM/electro realm. This isn’t one of those “breaking” posts or anything. Basically, to keep a long story short, a friend dropped today’s post while DJing at a party and it just blew my head wide open. Keep in mind that European electronic music fans are sooo much more savvy, so it took a while for this to get to my ears, this side of the Atlantic. I’ve been a fan of Joakim’s new disco/electro style — especially his stuff on Versatile — for a while and been rocking the Brendan Green remix of his excellent “I Wish You Were Gone” in sets for a while. But this 2004 remix of Clashing Ego’s “Aminjig Nebere” has had an unprecedented stay in my short-attention-span motel. Sort of housey, sort of dubby, the druggy vibe and uplifting electronics are exactly the kind of shit I love. Reminds me of old Svek Records stuff. Simply an excellent tune from the head honcho at Tigersushi. If you have similar recommendations, I’d love to hear them. This is heady dance music at its finest.

RIYL: Herbert, Fischerspooner, Lindstrom, Todd Terje, Rub n’ Tug

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