I’ve been sitting on this particular post for a while. Keeping it for that perfect moment, sort of like when the Knicks play David Lee. Scissorkick needs a shot of energy, and who better to provide it than longtime favorites 33hz. We’ve been supporters of their indelible brand of late-era disco and electric funk way before Ray-Noor’s Cabin was replaced by Ayhan’s Shish-kebab, and it’s exciting to see a release like this added to their tragically minimal discography. The law of quality over quantity that guides SK has never been better exemplified than by their newest release, on the brand new Dither Down Records and Tapes imprint.

33hz has always been a party band — for many of us, THE party band — and who better to support them on their newest sexcapade than Devin the Dude and TTC’s Teki Latex, two party brothers who know a thing or two about making the magic happen. I would LOVE to post the original track for you, but seeing that these guys are friends and I want them to get their well-deserved scratch, you have to go and buy that shit when it comes out on November 27 worldwide. In its stead however, I will post a remix from their newest EP which features a handful of disparate and creative interpretations by the likes of Gentlemen Drivers, Max Plask, Architecture in Helsinki, Curis Vodka, Victor Rice and today’s post In Flagranti, who seems most perfectly suited to bring the disco.

RIYL: Scissor Sisters, Daft Punk, Out Hud, Gorillaz, Chromeo, The DFA, TTC

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