Scissorkast 11: Sugarwater

Jul 31st, 2012 Scissorkast steve 1 min read

Lucky for you, the first Scissorkast in too long is an all-music/no-talking affair. (I need an XLR adapter for my microphone). 100% new music, much of it unreleased, hitting the usual mix of instrumental electronic, emotive headphone post-rock, experimental dancefloor stuff and the like. Joyously looping, meticulously crafted sounds. Stuff from the US, UK, and Japan this time with a heavy emphasis on melody.


Apr 17th, 2007 Electronic/Dance, IDM, Instrumental, Rock steve 2 min read

It’s been about six years or so since the last Fridge LP and during that time each member of the UK trio has done nicely for himself. Kieren Hebden’s Four Tet project has garnered the most attention but don’t overlook the pastoral elegance of Adem Ilhan’s releases as Adem. And while third member Sam Jeffers may not have any solo work to reference, he’s formed…