Do you like boom bap beats? Remixed 80s tracks? Pitch-shifted vocals? Well, you’re in luck. On the heels of Steve’s recent mix, I’ve got another installment of the ScissorMix series ready. I guess there’s something about the summertime that makes me get off my ass and finish a mix.

It took me a little while to put this one together, working on it here and there in a very piecemeal fashion. I didn’t really pay attention to keeping all the tracks really current or up-to-date and focused more on keeping the vibe right. So there are some older tracks in here mixed in with the new. This one starts off with a new track from Dirty Art Club who has put out a fantastic new record which I highly recommend. And there’s great tracks from Letherette, Kelpe, MonkeyRobot, Tall Black Guy and so many more. I’m really digging all of these artists on this mix so I highly encourage you to seek them out and support their work. Hope y’all enjoy these tracks as much as I do.

Dirty Art Club :: Hemlock
Vanilla :: This Time (2:29)
MEDL4 :: The Builder (5:14)
Zavala :: Little or No Concern (7:02)
Late Night Radio :: Tell Me (10:11)
Tall Black Guy :: Sweet Europe (12:51)
Kankick :: Say (Slugabed Ruined It) (16:02)
Letherette :: Always Wanted You Back (18:18)
Chrome Sparks :: Marijuana (21:14)
SNAP :: Rhythm is a Dancer (Mux Mool Edit) (23:37)
Bibio :: You (26:44)
Bonobo :: Ten Tigers (30:36)
Kelpe :: Beaks of Eagles (Fulgeance Remix) (34:21)
Om Unit :: Merkabah (36:51)
Tuamie :: Illest Taboo (40:30)
MonkeyRobot :: Last Days (42:13)
Suff Daddy :: Quicc Beat (45:35)
Souleance :: Le Californie (47:23)
Late Nite Tough Guy :: Not In Love Anymore (50:17)
Onra :: Come Closer (Kicks and Claps Edit) (55:45)
Brock Berrigan :: The Wonder Beers (58:20)