Lucky for you, the first Scissorkast in too long is an all-music/no-talking affair. (I need an XLR adapter for my microphone). 100%  new music, much of it unreleased, hitting the usual mix of instrumental electronic, emotive headphone post-rock, experimental dancefloor stuff and the like. Joyously looping, meticulously crafted sounds. Stuff from the US, UK, and Japan this time with a heavy emphasis on melody.

No reason to go on at length, but please leave comments if you enjoyed the mix and make sure to send it to friends who you think will enjoy it. Most importantly, support the artists below by buying their music. I stress that if you like a song on this mix, there is a very high likelihood that you will like either the LP or single from whence it came.

1. Pan :: Byoko(0:00)
2. Lali Puna :: Move On (Baths Remix) (1:22)
3. Bon Iver :: Woods (Japanese Wallpaper Remix) (5:27)
4. Shigeto :: Huron River Drive  (8:25)
5. Hidden Orchestra :: Vorka (11:11)
6. Kelpe :: Midsommar (16:01)
7. Samuel Jackson 5 :: Never-ending Now (18:28)
8. Toe :: Mukou Gishi Ga Miru Yume(21:41)
9. Lymbyc Systym:: Prairie School (26:05)
10. Vcheka :: Akzidenz Grotesk (30:22)
11. Beak> :: Yatton (35:03)
12. Grasscut :: Pieces (39:50)
13. The Cast of Cheers :: Animals(44:05)
14. Seams :: The Glow (47:08)
15. The Invisible :: The Stain (50:06)
16. Four Tet :: Jupiters (55:05)