It’s my pleasure and honor to break this epic streak of not posting by posting a mix from an old colleague, Justin Kim aka O N E S U N. Justin and I have been talking on and off about music/production/creativity for a long time and never have been able to align the calendars to work together. He hooked me up with one of my most prized employees, I’ve DJ’d an event of his years ago, and this mix proves yet again that he possesses a sick love of diverse sounds, many of which are favorites of SK. You’ll notice a balance between the credibly trendy and the deeper headz tracks. Not an easy tightrope to tread but he ¬†does a fantastic job. So I just had to repost this mix because I know you will all love the if it gets cold mix by O N E S U N. Not much else needs to be said. Check the playlist, which speaks much more clearly than my befuddled musings.

In his words:

“A compilation of moody, ethereal, abstract but chilly beats and textures. Just in time for the new season.

O N E S U N is the musical project of Justin Kim, born in Seoul, Korea and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia on cartoons, video games, and church youth group. Drawing influences from the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order, and Erasure with a smearing of rave and dirty booty-bass, O N E S U N weaves together synthpop melodies and breakbeats into a head-bobbing, buzzing electronic frenzy.”


Listen via Soundcloud here


Of Porcelain (Ooah Side Project) – Here For Now
Tycho – Adrift (Shigeto’s Adrift a Dream Remix)
Active Child – Playing House
Dark Party – Active
InfinitiRock – We Move Together
Dam Mantle – Rebong
Keep Shelly in Athens – Running Out Of You
Hard Mix – Now Her
Zinja Hlungwani – N’wagezani My Love
DJAO – Shore Ghost
Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off
Lykke Li – Sadness Is A Blessing (Gold Panda Remix)
Pictureplane – Post Physical (Little Star Dweller Remix)
Niva – Ghost in My Head (Vision Of Trees Remix)
Sun Airway – Oh, Naoko (Houses Remix)
Peaking Lights – Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)
SLEEP OVER – Romantic Streams (BALAM ACAB Remix)
Grimes – Vanessa
Reporter – Click Shaw (Runaway Remix)
Nosaj Thing – Light #1
TV ON The Radio – Will Do (XXXChange Dancehall Mix)
Mux Mool – Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom
Solar Bears – Dream Valley (Young Montana Rework)
The xx – Night Time (Greg Wilson Remix)
When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
The Reflecting Skin – Traffickers
Caribou – Sun (Altrice’s Only What You Gave Me Remix)
Steve Mason – Boys Outside (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
Pollyn – Other Side (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Lemonade – The Place Where You Belong
Lissie – Everywhere I Go
Jon Zott – Rise & Shine
Asobi Seksu – Perfectly Crystal (Beach Fossils / Spirit Animal Remix)

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