Right back again with another installment of the ScissorMix series. I’ve been making up for lost time and came across a wealth of new, great tunes so quickly that this thing basically put itself together.

While the last mix was really all over the place, this one is a lot more consistent. It’s mostly instrumentals and has a definite slow burn vibe going on. So I just tried to keep the groove going while maintaining the mellow. And, judging by the last sentence, I’m also trying to write as if I’m Spiccoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High…

Anyway, there’s really too much to say about each one of these tracks and artists to mention it all here. So I’ll keep it brief and let the tracks speak for themselves. But I will remind you that all of these are recent releases and if you like anything you hear, poke around on the net and pick up the album because all of these guys are putting out some interesting and amazing music. This is definitely just a small sample.

1. Mux Mool :: Lazy Soul (0:00)
2. Tycho :: Send and Receive (Chachi Jones Remix) (4:04)
3. Solar Bears :: Dream Valley (Young Montana? Rework) (8:51)
4. Mr. Beatnick :: Synthetes (Architeq Remix) (12:49)
5. Groundislava :: Panorama (Clive Tanaka and Beaunoise Remix) (19:04)
6. Jacob 2-2 :: Brainstorms (24:34)
7. Huess :: Happiness is Easy (27:50)
8. Jaime xx :: Far Nearer (30:05)
9. Boxcutter :: TV Trouble (35:41)
10. Baths :: Aminals (37:38)
11. Sportloto :: will i (instrumental) (40:55)
12. Souleance :: Passarinho (48:33)
13. Bosco Delrey :: Get Outta Dodge (51:47)