This is a bit unconventional for a “Best Of” podcast, but then, SK has always been a place not beholden to the conventions of the blogosphere. For one, I can disappear for months on end (sorry). But I really was meaning to do a wrap up of my favorite songs of the year earlier but life got in the way — as it tends to do more often these days — but better late than never.

What I decided to do was to take the 20 or so songs that got the most plays according to my scrobbles and iTunes plays for 2010. Seems like a pretty democratic way to deem my personal best and required less thinking. These lists, more often than not, tend to mirror each other and take on a collective momentum that reeks of unoriginal thought. That’s not to say you wont’ see some names on this playlist that aren’t in many “Best Of” lists, but I think as a whole it’s pretty unique for the year. It’s a bit of a mess, with music from a number of genres but I tried to stay true to the SK vibe and the type of stuff you generally hear in these Scissorkasts. Enjoy. And thanks for supporting SK over the years and especially in 2010.

Zoon Van Snook — “The Cross I’d Bear” (Falling From) The Nutty Tree
Walls — “Burnt Sienna” Walls
Emeralds — “Candy Shoppe” Does It Look Like I’m Here?
American Men — “AM System” Cool World EP
Dustin Wong — “Infinite Love” Infinite Love
Squarepusher — “Frisco Wave” Shobaleader One: d’Demonstrator
Solar Bears — “Neon Colony”  She Was Coloured In
Clive Tanaka y Su Orquestra — “Neu Chicago” Jet Set Siempre 1
Gold Panda — “Vanilla Minus” Lucky Shiner
Yppah — “Never Mess With Sunday” Ninja Tune XX Vol 2
Spokes — “We Can Make it Out” Everyone I Ever Met
Maserati — “We Go The System to Fight the System” Pyramid of the Sun
Wavves — “Post Acid” King of the Beach
Superchunk –“Rosemarie” Majesty Shredding
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti — “Round and Round” Before Today
Foals –“Blue Blood” Total Life Forever
Local Natives — “Shape Shifter” Gorilla Manor
Mice Parade — “Kupanda” What It Means to Be Left-Handed
Slaraffenland — “Long Gone” We’re On Your Side
Woods — “Suffering Season” At Echo Lake
Conspiracy of Owls — “Raving Mad” Conspiracy of Owls