Even though the weather in NYC is shitty, it’s always a great day when I can post something new created by a close friend. Sam Willis, one half of Kompakt recording artists Walls and the fantastic DJ/blog duo Allez-Allez is a busy man these days up in Hackney, but somehow found the time to launch another pseudonym side-project as Snoretex. It’s mind blowing when I think that it’s been nearly 15 years since Sam and I were skating the South Bank and leafing through bins at Rough Trade (in the basement of Slam City Skates) and in that time I’ve been privileged to watch one of the most enthusiastic and humble music lovers and DJs I know evolve into an equally as passionate and talented creator of sounds.

Snoretex indulges a more mellow, ambient side of the oeuvre with elongated melodic stretches and slowly developing phrasing that suits the moniker well. This is somnambulist music, sleepwalking gently over a rich history of ambient influences both obvious and more esoteric. It’s a stark difference to the first Scissorkick post that I put up from Sam — a superb dancefloor mix as Deven Miles way back in 2005 — but shows the same attention to detail and breadth of knowledge that got me excited about electronic music way back when. And still does today.

RIYL: Emeralds, Tim Hecker, Brian Eno, Arp, Oneohtrix Point Never