Jeff sent this EP over and said he was “90% sure” I’d be into it. Fuck, I must be hard to please or something because this is so squarely in my wheel house I can’t imagine why he thought 10% of me wouldn’t be feeling this. American Men are a group of Scotsmen doing instrumental, futurist rock their own way (god I’m watching too much Food Channel). They’re playing or have played in a number of Scottish bands like Russia, Dananananaykroyd, Eunoia, and Solum. You can read more about them on the Internet. Yep there’s plenty.

It’s proggy and propulsive, masterfully executed and is yet another addition to the soundtrack I am assembling to keep the aliens from annihilating us when they intercept an American commercial radio station signal and decide we are better off incinerated by their SuperGun.

The songs are long enough to fully scratch that jammy itch that this type of stuff induces, and while you may think this kind of intergalactic emo can only be made by basement dwellers, their top list of remixes for their debut Cool World EP includes cool kids like Machine Drum, Hudson Mohawk and Falty DL. Can’t imagine a better re-introduction to my own blog than today’s post.

: Matters & Dunaway, Tiki Obmar, Midwest Product, Ben Benjamin, Fridge