Just in time for Easter weekend, I’ve resurrected the ScissorMix series. There’s lots of great new music on this one and many of the artists deserve their own posts (Bonobo, Tanlines, Mux Mool, Slugabed…just to name a few). But life/work continues to conspire against me being a competent blogger. So, for brevity’s sake, I’ve bundled a handful of my favorite tracks together. If you have the time, I would check out all of these artists most recent releases. Each one of them is putting out some fantastic music.

Vol. 2 leans heavily on the instrumentals but there are a few more vocal tracks than on the previous one. And I managed to add some hip hop, reggae, and even a straight-up rock track without making it too disjointed. Overall, it may be a little “Washed Out” heavy but I’m so into his sound that it was too hard to leave any of it out. Especially when Steve passed along the Lush Life remix to me. That was completely unexpected and very, very good.

So boil those eggs, stock up on PAAS decoration kits and check it out!


1. Bullion :: Crazy Over You (0:00)
2. Bonobo :: All In Forms (2:25)
3. Captain Planet :: Fumando (6:56)
4. Souleance :: Le Plasir (11:10)
5. The Hasbeens :: Ain’t the Same as Before (13:42)
6. Small Black :: Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) (17:06)
7. Mux Mool :: Teal Trim (20:23)
8. Tanlines :: Real Life (24:38)
9. Luke Vibert :: Rhythm (29:06)
10. Trans Am :: Arcadion (32:48)
11. Ital Tek :: Mako (35:20)
12. Slugabed :: Skyfire (38:27)
13. Darkstar :: Need You (42:35)
14. Smith & Mighty :: B Line Fi Blow (48:36)
15. Richie Phoe :: Bumpy’s Lament (53:49)
16.Thomas Function :: The Insignificants (58:05)
17, Washed Out :: Feel It All Around (61:54)
18. Lush Life :: Feel It All Around (Version) (64:41)
19. Fashawn :: Life as a Shorty (67:51)