For some reason,   rock has seemed to co-opt the term “indie” when it comes to music. Sure, Indie hip-hop had it’s day in the late 90’s but really, when you think indie, you almost exclusively think rock and roll and all of the trappings of the indie rock world. It’s unfortunate that the spotlight has eluded all of the people in other genres working hard every day to promote and release quality independent music.

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch a true independent label in action for almost a decade. The passion and dedication needed to run a small, specialized vinyl imprint like Bastard Jazz Recordings shouldn’t be underestimated. For some folks like label-boss Aaron Schultz (DJ DRM), music IS life and what you get on each slab of hand-crafted vinyl is just that — a little slice of the lives of the people behind it. At first, it was hard to describe the Bastard Jazz “sound” but over the years, with indispensable DJ cuts from Hydroponic Sound System, The Magic Fly, Jugoe and others, the label has defined itself by an unyielding commitment to rock a dance floor with an approachable, creative amalgam of familiar sounds combined with unquestionable DJ savvy.

Today’s post from new label artist Mophono’s Halftone Society (Mophono aka DJ Centipede) — remixed by long-time Tru Thoughter Natural Self — is perhaps the finest evocation of the Bastard Jazz Sound yet. Looking forward while acknowledging what has made the label a staple for DJs throughout the years, “Sinicism” is true Bastard Jazz. I’m not even gonna use any more adjectives. Nope. Just download this. Now. Then head over to the Bastard Jazz Store and give yourself a belated Record Store Day e-gift by buying yourself some equally fantastic sounds.

Download the rest of the EP and other great Bastard Jazz music now.