This ScissorKast, while a bit scattered, is perhaps one of the strongest playlists I’ve put together in a while. A combination of my favorite tracks from 2009 and a taste of hotly anticipated music from 2010 it meanders down a number of musical avenues including electronic, instrumental rock, indie, folk, you name it. Hard to weave something this varied into one cohesive mix without giving it the Langolf treatment, so bear with me. By the end of it all I hope you agree 2009 was a fantastic year for music.


Maserati:: “Monoliths” :: Passages
Jay Reatard :: “Always Wanting More” :: 7″
Avi Buffalo :: “What’s In It For?” :: 7″
Monsters of Folk :: “Dear God” ::Monsters of Folk
The xx :: “Night Time” :: xx
Russian Circles :: “Fathom” :: Geneva
Pelican:: “Specks of Light” :: What We All Come to Need
Jesu:: “Opiate Sun” :: Opiate Sun EP
Clark :: “Rattlesnake” :: Warp 20
Darkstar :: “Aidys Girl’s a Computer” :: 5: Five Years of Hyperdub
Cfcf :: “Half Dreaming” :: Continent
Mylo :: “Macrobiotic”
Four Tet :: “She Just Likes to Fight” :: There is Love in You
Pantha du Prince :: “Stick to My Side” :: Black Noise