The world’s greatest (and only) Norwegian 9-piece electro-afro-prog-whatever rockestra* has re-emerged from their lair with a new batch of indescribably brilliant songs for confused music fans worldwide.  By “confused” I mean “awesome + eclectic.” I’d imagine that their lair is pretty sickly designed Scandinavian, with wood tones and tempered steel and smart Feng Shui and all that type of enviable Nordic shit. Sort of like the music. It’s crisp, clean, and expertly executed. From the sound of their first single — today’s post “One-Armed Bandit” — the group, led by the inimitable Lars Horntveth, is as unstoppable as ever. It’s an undeniable slap of post-afro instrumentalism that fans will immediately embrace. The full-length of the same name was mixed by Tortoise’s John McEntire and will be out on January 25th. I can’t wait for the soft pummeling coming my way.

*I mean, just look at the picture of this band. How can you NOT be curious about what their music sounds like?

RIYL: Kim Hiorthoy, Cinematic Orchestra, Tortoise, Stromba, Mum, Cougar