To be truthful, I rely on the RIYL picks to do a lot of the work for me. I could go on and on about a band, but if you know your shit like most of you do — and know the bands I use as similar recommendations — than really there’s no reason to read this. And today’s post is probably the best use of the RIYL I’ve had in ages. Spokes are from Manchester but might as well be from Canada and on the Arts & Crafts label because (like the album art intimates) they make rustic, heady, beautiful jammy music like all those great bands on that greater label. Mostly instrumental like we like it here at SK, the Spokes crew sound like so many bands you already love, but an amalgamation of their best parts. It’s not a new formula, nor should it be. In a world of early adopters, and ironically tattooed pissing-contest contestants, just stop being the coolest for a second and mellow the fuck out with this awesome record from a most awesome new band.

Oh, and please check out Ninja Tune’s new offshoot label Counter Records. Basically a rock arm of the venerable UK label with some absolutely quality signings like SK Faves Cougar, along with The Death Set, Pop Levi, Ape School, and The Heavy. Good Stuff.

KC Accidental, Broken Social Scene, 33.3, Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, The Six Parts Seven