5 Fast Questions for Dark Party

The inaugural Scissorkick Roll Call — our new, easily digestible 5-question inteview format — features Dark Party, the new electronic dance project of popular Brooklyn-based beats producer Eliot Lipp and his Chicago-based friend Leo 123. The duo have worked on a handful of remixes and have a record on the way, and you can get a taste of the serious dance party stew coming your way with the MP3 “Status” posted after the “interview.” Enjoy the new bite-sized tidbits of info and thanks to Dark Party for being the first of what I hope to be many short interviews with your favorite SK artists.

Create the ideal scenario for listeners to get the most out of your music.

Leo: Lights out, clothes off, no air conditioning.
The city or the beach.

You are a professional wrestler or boxer. What’s your ring entrance song?

Eliot: “Why Can’t We Be Friends”… War
Leo: “You’re The Best”… Joe ‘Bean’ Eposito from The Karate Kid Original Soundtrack.

Suppose you have unlimited resources and access to all of your musical needs. What’s your next project gonna be?

Leo: It would be made in a room on the 23rd floor at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.
Eliot: Pretty into what I’ve got, wouldn’t mind trying a mellotron on for size.

You’re curating a stage at a big festival with 5 current artists. Who’s playing?

Eliot: Kraftwerk, Chromeo,Tortoise, Daft Punk, Dam-Funk
Leo: Autechre, Jeff Mills, Morgan Geist, Lindstrøm, Murcof
(ed. note: Sonar, Mutek, ATP or whoever, please get these guys a stage pronto…)

The Free Question. Tell us something you really want us to know.

Leo & Eliot: “Everyday is a Saturday, my friend” –  The Grouch