New EP from Brooklyn’s Home Video just dropped and while I will readily admit the Radhiohead comparisons are warranted, I still think the band is one of NYC’s most underrated. Why hold it against them because they sound like one of the greatest bands in the world. I mean, go to an art museum and you will see rooms filled with painters who all worked in similar styles.

Apologies on the quick post, but there’s not much to say about today’s track, “Every Love That Ever Was” that you won’t get from the first 90 seconds of epic and emotive electronic rock. Optimistic isn’t generally a term you’d link to Home Video in the past, but I think it works for them. This is a lot like that song you heard before but forgot how much you loved at the time.  Feel good, America. Lastly, am I the only one that’s instantly reminded of The Who’s “Eminence Front” with those looped keys at the start? Let me know.