I don’t blame you for thinking this is an April fools joke. Truth is, I can’t even justify why it’s taken over a year to get another podcast together. I really do enjoy doing them and the beginning of the year has been a particularly exciting time for music. I guess all I can do is apologize and make a real commitment to doing more podcasts as the year progresses. However, since the next ScissorSounds party is fast approaching, look out for an April ScissorKast announcing the secret show. Amazing guests in store but I’m only going to give advanced warning via the podcast, so you’ll have to download to get the scoop

As always, thanks so much spending your bandwith on SK. It’s greatly appreciated. Enjoy the show.

ScissorKast #3 Playlist: March 31, 2008

Osborne “Suffer” Osborne (Ghostly)

Pelican City “Jake’s Tavern” Rhode Island (December First)

The BoOm and the Arty “Gummy” FaceA/FaceB mixtape (MonsterK7)

Kelpe “Nat’s Twirly Mug” Sea Inside Body (DC Recordings)

Beastie Boys “Flute Loop Instrumental” Headz 2 (Mo’ Wax)

Metaform “Urban Velvet” Standing On The Shoulders of Giants (independent)

Sam Sparro “Black & Gold” Remixed by Al Usher (independent)

DiskJokke “Folk I Farta” Staying In (Smalltown Supersound)

Osborne “16th Stage” Osborne (Ghostly)

Goldfrapp “Little Bird” Seventh Tree (Mute)

Amplive “Faustz” Rainydayz Remixes (independent)

The Notwist
“Good Lies” The Devil, You + Me (Domino)

El Ten Eleven “3 Plus 4” Every Direction is North (Fake)

Don Caballero “Palm Trees in the Fecking Bahamas” World Class Listening Problem (Relapse)