The Future Sound of Oslo? A few years ago that idea may have required some creative editorial, but these days it’s impossible to deny the talent that keeps coming out of Norway. Smalltown Supersound, the label responsible for stateside releases from Jaga Jazzist, Bjorn Torske, Kim Hiorthoy and Lindstrom, may also be guilty of accelerating global warming by releasing another smoking hot LP from Joachim Dyrdhal, aka DiskJokke.

The classically-trained violinist is sonically and geographically connected with his labelmates, constructing a pastiche of dancefloor-friendly sounds rarely limited to a single, isolated genre. Deeply compositional and constantly in flux, DiskJokke’s first LP, Staying In, stays in that familiar Norwegian range of 110-125 BPMs and runs the gamut of dancefloor styles from house to techno to more abstract disco. Yet at no time does it ever run the risk of sounding self-absorbed. Rather, the priority, as it is with much of the Smalltown Supersound roster is accessible creativity. Or perhaps you can call his music “accessibly creative.” Doesn’t really matter, but you hopefully you get the point. Sophisticated, approachable and playful. DiskJokke just made the DJ’s job that much easier

Bjorn Torske, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Lee Douglas, My Cousin Roy, Todd Terje

Smalltown Supersound