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So, as promised, you get your second “state” related posting, this time on a definitively more British note. I know that for a lot of you Stateless may not necessarily be something brand new. Truth is, I slept on this record for a while, not fully convinced of its merits — even though both Roots Manuva and DJ Shadow were singing its high praise. Shadow went as far as saying that their self-titled debut LP was “as close to perfection as I’ve heard in a long time.” That’s a bold statement.

So a few days ago, I’m doing some running, and I have the iPod on shuffle and up pops “Bloodstream,” one of the album’s first singles. I immediately wonder why I have Jeff Buckley on my iPod but then a solid break kicks in, some intelligent atmospheric shit follows, and some scratching, so I’m wondering what the fuck I’m listening to. Truth is I’ve always though Buckley a little histrionic, but my wife is a big fan and his story is truly tragic. So I’ve softened to Buckley. But Stateless is more than a Jeff Buckley cover band. Much more. I tackled the rest of the album and was a little embarrassed that I passed right by this thing without nary a rubberneck. This, like the Statehood record I mentioned yesterday, is a FULL album. From start the finish it ebbs and flows between BPMs and moods, with lead singer Chris James’ stylish, emotive vocals the clear centerpiece. It is at times the perfect amalgam of DJ Shadow and Jeff Buckley, with a Cinematic Orchestra flourish here, a Radiohead moment there, and a South loop thrown in for good measure. I’m feeling this, now that the sun has better places to be by 5:30 PM.

RIYL: Jeff Buckley, DJ Shadow, 65DaysofStatic, South, Radiohead, UNKLE, Cinematic Orchestra