See-I 10

A Quick Rant
I get a lot of emails about why I don’t post every day. Let me explain if I may. I try to be as discerning as I can about the things I post. Fact is, if it’s not something I think you all would like, then it doesn’t deserve the pixels. Like I’ve said before, music blogging is way out of control. You can find virtually any new album online because irresponsible bloggers don’t check The Hype Machine before they post; or are obsessed with being the first to post a certain track; or lastly, and most reprehensible, they lazily just follow trends. That’s not what SK is about. I love the new Radiohead as much as the next guy, but isn’t the purpose of blogging to introduce you to stuff that’s not already all over the Internet? Call me naive, but as long as I keep doing this, I am committed to getting new(ish), relatively obscure, and listenable music out there to people who give a shit about truly finding something new.

On that note, I am very proud and honored that my boy DJ DRM, Co-Founder of Bastard Jazz Recordings, decided to leak his newest (and one of his best) releases on Scissorkick, months before the vinyl 10″ sees its first pressing. It’s hard to be objective about your friend’s record label, especially since you help spread the word as an affiliated DJ, but “The King” as remixed by recent Bastard Jazz find The Magic Fly is one of those impossible-to-resist midtempo UK-style singles. Thievery Corporation vocalist See-I drops the dub/reggae vocals over a taut, nicely produced, bass-heavy loop. This is classic Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions type stuff and the sonic fodder that makes the eclectic DJ salivate. There’s simply no way to hate on this kind of thing. If you like this, make sure to grab The Magic Fly’s newest EP, also recently released on Bastard Jazz. Links below:

The Magic Fly MySpace
Bastard Jazz at Dance Tracks Digital