sleeping people

Scissorkick loves it some instrumental goodness — especially of the punk-prog-metal variety — and that’s just what was delivered when the newest LP from Temporary Residence’s Sleeping People showed up in the mailbox. Growing is the second record from the San Diego-based quartet (that now includes Pinback and Howard Hello’s Kenseth Thibideau) and it’s marked by ten riff-tastic compositions. Solid musicianship, interesting time and tempo changes, and clean accessible songwriting. The benchmarks of the Temporary Residence sound. Unpretentious and approachable, the practice-space prog of “People Staying Awake” is almost 2 songs in one, diverting around the 3:45-mark to tie-in the ubiquitous, silken vocals of Pinback’s man-about-town Rob Crow. Pinback fans, you’ll surely eat this up, but the remainder of the record will remind the rest of you of that golden time in the mid-90s when Don Cab ruled the roost. Sort of. With a little Maiden thrown in for good measure.

Rumah Sakit, Fucking Champs, Don Caballero, Parlour, Turing Machine, Lynx, Volta do Mar