I used to loathe hippies. Not really for any particular reason; it was just part of the code lived by the young indie/punk rocker. No hippies. Sure, the reverence to shitty bands like Phish and the exaggerated use of patchouli always irked me, but god damn if those hippies weren’t always smoking the best wacky tabacky. Now older, none the wiser, I realize that to slow the pace of the hectic world around you, one need only descend into a stone-cold, mellow groove. Yeah, you heard it. It’s time to get your jam on.

I’m not sure what this has to do with the new Mice Parade, but it always makes me happy to know there are other guys in this city who like a good jam. Adam Pierce is one of ’em. And his jams incorporate a beguiling mix of breakbeats, afro-beat, shoegazer and various world styles all with that really raw “practice space” kind of feel. You’ve heard me go on about Mice Parade before, so I’ll spare you the histrionics here, but Pierce and company have returned with another album, the self-titled Mice Parade, released Tuesday on FatCat. It’s not quite the same, not wholly different and definitely Mice Parade, replete with passionate nylon strums, breathtaking percussion and a revolving door of guest players including Stereolab chanteuse Laetitia Sadier. Fans will love it. Casual listeners will cling to a couple stand out tracks, today’s post included. Enjoy.

RIYL: him, Mum, Cougar, Seefeel, The Swirlies, Stereolab, Rex

BUY: http://fat-cat.co.uk/fatcat/release.php

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