You can thank our friend Jay Drake, the mastermind behind Cassettes Won’t Listen for this little holiday gift. He’s leaked Scissorkick his newest full-length record The Quiet Trial, and we will return his kindness by posting a track for you all. I posted a favorite CWL track a while back (“Lunch for Breakfast”) but his newest LP may appeal even more to SK readers since its mostly an instrumental affair. Again, CWL incorporates the ol’ kitchen-sink production mentiality, approaching the digital studio without limitation, insistent on filling the album with more hooks than a tackle box. Sure, Drake’s a friend, but as always, it’s the music that will win you over. “The Sidewalk Cruise” has a nice taut break, an arresting, arpeggiated synth melody and represents what a solid glitch-hop track should be. Happy Thanksgiving.

RIYL: Hood, Prefuse 73, Telefon Tel Aviv, Dabrye

BUY: The record drops on November 28th and will be available from Dope Lotus Records

Homepage: CWL’s Homepage

MySpace: CWL’s MySpace home