Scissorkick digs in the crates for this gem of a hip-hop tune. Since LCD Soundsystem recently did a Nike-commisioned iPod workout mix (which is actually really good), I figured it may be time to go back to another sick Nike-comissioned record. My friend Matt has been pushing me to post this for years and finally it’s here, the full-length version of “Chamber of Fear” from the RZA featuring Reverend William Burke, who appears most recently with RZA and Young Dirty Bastard (ODB’s son!) in a new track on The Protector soundtrack. Although I’m not a hip-hop historian by any measure, I can only imagine that this 12″ done for the Lebron James/Nike “Chamber of Fear” campaign in 2004 and produced by Wieden + Kennedy is ultra rare. I can’t really get into how I got this copy, but it’s in excellent condition. The 12″ also features a DJ mix, an orchestral mix and an instrumental, and is an absolute classic of orchestral, cinematic hip-hop. I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s also some of the RZA’s most classic, unheard of work. If you happen to know what this record is worth, please let me know. Could be $5 but I’d imagine that since it was a very limited run of vinyl and only used as a promotion it may be worth much more. Either way, it’s an amazing tune freshly digitized from the crates.

RIYL: Wu-Tang, Kung Fu vs. Hip-Hop DVD, DJ Cam, Premiere, et al.

WATCH: “Beat You Down” Video featuring RZA, Young D.B and Rev. William Burke