October 17th marks the release date of new Ghostly artist Christopher Willets’ Surf Boundaries. A beautiful piece of post-shoegazer guitar and electronics, it represents a narcotic blend of melodic, ambient drone and pastoral, at times, uplifting playing and programming. Glitchy yet highly listenable, Willits mixes his/her vocals into an ambiguous, heavenly concoction and literally surfs the boundary between experimental and accessible. There are moments of undeniable beauty here, not unlike staring through partially stained glass with light fractured in infinitely divergent paths. And there are also a handful of pretty, instrumental sonic experiments spaced throughout the entirety of the LP, so if 2-minute noodlings are not your thing skip to the meat of the record. “Medium Blue” — today’s post — may just be the most satiating bit on the menu. An accomplished Ghostly debut from an artist who clearly possesses an exciting potential.

RIYL: Taku Sugimoto, A Cloud Mireya, Mum, Postal Service, The Books, Howard Hello

WATCH: Check out Christopher Willits live at Super-Deluxe here

BUY: Preorder “Surf Boundaries” at Ghostly.com