Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eliot Lipp

It's getting cold out here in NYC with the thermostat reading a frigid 44 degrees Faherenheit. Dumbfounded by the mysterious demise of my eagerly anticipated northeastern Fall, we head seemingly straight into winter and in the need of some serious heat. Luckily, the crew at Eastern Developments (the label founded by Scott Heren aka Prefuse 73 et al) has the new Eliot Lipp LP ready to thaw the oncoming cold front. If we had a number rating system here at SK, we'd put this thing in the top tier, automatically qualifying it for our end of the year Best Of list. BUt we don't, so let me avoid the effusive praise and just tell you to pick this up when it drops next month. Sorry for the obscure reference here, but Tacoma Mockingbird sounds like a perfect union of Dabreye's ill keyboards and Bononbo's earthy drumming. Lipp does wonders with electronic melody, moving and shifting them around pretty standard breakbeats. But the subtleties here make all the difference. It's electro and dubby at one instant, propulsive and banging instrumental hip-hop at the next. Cinematic is an understatment. Think bigger beat junkies. This shit is built for the imax. And no track gives you a better -- or more anitcipatory taste -- than "Glasspipe." Resources

  • For more information on Eliot Lipp check out his Eastern Developments homepage.

  • You can purchase his S/T debut LP online at by clicking this link.

  • Eliot Lipp :: "Glasspipe"

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    The Budos Band

    Staten Island. The forgotten borough. The Jersey extension. Sure, I have a special place in my heart for Shaolin, the birthplace of my lady, the go-between for a lot of weekends and trips spent with family on the Jersey shore. Since Wu-Tang, very little has surfaced from Staten Island regarding the local music scene in NYC. But along comes The Budos Band, rising from the borough like a landfill (a nice, non-toxic one of course), they are another Daptone find that shows the always reliable Brooklyn soul imprint once again ahead of the pack. The Budos bring Daptone a little bit closer to the African diaspora, where Fela and Tony Allen mingle with Otis Redding and Sam & Dave. More reliable dusty grooves from a G-Train label on an express bus discovery. Word is that the Budos will be playing one of the successful BPM Saturday dub sessions thrown by DRM of Bastard Jazz. Resources

  • For more information on The Budos Band and their upcoming debut LP check out their homepage at the Daptone Records web site.

  • The Budos Band :: "Up From the South"

    Thursday, October 13, 2005


    Although you may have thought we were down for the count, the many glasses of Scotch and beautiful Isle of Skye scenery in Scotland have revived SK for another go at this blogging thing. I hate self-promo but if you are a Boards of Canada fan, be on the look-out in the coming months for an exclusive cover story in the next issue of RE:UP where I recount my 3 hour face-to-face interview with the brothers Sandison. I was told I am the only US journalist to meet live with the guys regarding their new Campfire Headphase. It was an incredibly moving experience to say the least. Today's post is from a new band on Home Tapes Recordings, a lable I first heard about after listening to some great Paul Duncan records sent to SK. Feathers is definitely a must for Tortoise and Stereolab fans, an instrumental group with both groove and space-age soundtrack tendencies. This track is from their only release this far, but will be part of a 3 EP cycle that should impress instrumental music fans into this sort of thing. Solid vibraphone, pensive piano chord intro (think Vince Guaraldi of Charlie Brown fame), and hand claps that blasts into a nice early Mice Parade/Dylan group Sunday morning Fall jam. "My Apple Has Four Legs" is like a one track mix tape representative of an entire decades worth of post-whatever music. With all this rain drenching NYC, this sunny blast of post-rock should be at least a temporary respite. You will be hearing a lot more from Feathers in the future. Resources

  • For more information on Feathers check out their web page at Home Tapes Records.

  • You can purchase music online at by clicking this link to

  • Feathers :: "My Apple Has Four Legs"