“I enjoy a good space jam while sorting through the Disney VHS collection,” reads the myspace bio. Levek—also known as David Levesque—enjoys a strange existence indeed. But the key word there is “enjoy.” By day, David drives a bus of elementary schoolers. By night, he crafts deeply poetic, folky tunes with tribal rhythmic schemes. I hesitate to use the word “tune,” for fear that it detracts from the legitimacy of his work, but the whimsy and touch of fiction that live within his music make it the only appropriate term.

I first heard about Mr. Levesque on iguessimfloating.net, where I found the track posted here, “Second Second,” which is really really lovely and it’s sad that I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I admit I haven’t been appropriately keeping up with his releases. In 2009 he released a nine-song free demo which I only  just downloaded, and a good amount of other material is floating around in a pretty disorganized manner.

also, watch this.

RIYL: Grizzly Bear, Paul Simon, Beach Boys, old Disney movies
Read: myspace.com/levek
Download: levek.bandcamp.com