Boss Kite

Skwee” is one of those little bitty “genres” that keep popping up nowadays. I hate to say genre, because a lot of them are more like trends than anything else, and I don’t exclude skweee from that group. Maybe it’s just a personal thing—I don’t like my music all cut up into a million little subgenres. But just because I see it as more of a trend than a genre does not mean that skweee isn’t music—just ask Boss Kite.

There ain’t a whole lot of info about Boss Kite aside from that he’s a producer from Brighton, UK, and that he makes DOPE skweee. Boss’s joints are pretty representative of the trend. Skweee is kind of like what you would get if you took dubstep and yanked it inside out. It keeps the same kind of rhythmic feel and wobbly electronic instrumentation, but strips it down to the bare bones. Because the style of production is so minimal, it’s really easy to sort of ‘fake’ skweee; pretty much anybody can open up GarageBand and poop out a stripped down beat with claps on 2 and 4 and a couple of drops. You will find none of that in Boss’s work. This guy is all about melody and creating an engaging groove, and he seriously knows how to get it done. Musical awareness on this level is hard to find wherever you look. At least I feel like I can stop looking for a couple days, after this find.

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