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PJ Pooterhoots

Although this is not a new track and might even have been posted on other blogs, I'm simply going for it. I mean, it's highly likely that you haven't heard of PJ Pooterhoots and are unaware of his "No Go" EP which features a nice little cover of Hall & Oates classic "I Can't Go For That." Now look, scissorkick is not prone to wedding set tunes -- you know, the new trend that has underground DJs playing shit platinum cuts from 2 decades back like it's something novel. What's cutting edge about Lisa Lisa mixed into Cameo or Cybotron into Snap? Great DJs were doing that WHEN THE RECORDS CAME OUT. Not to say I don't likes me a good wedding set (and I have plenty of big 70s and 80s records to prove it), but let's just say that there are more stimulating things out there to deem 'underground' and champion. So why is scissorkick posting a Hall & Oates cover? Because this nice minimal techno version is almost a completely new track. Everything about it -- from the cute-su vocals to the staccato programming -- makes it dancefloor fresh and something that can make a variety of audiences happy. It's the sound of a retro 80s party in 2090. We'll try it out tonight and report back. Until then enjoy this track. It's a lot of fun.

  • You can purchase a copy of the "No Go" EP from the UK record store/distributor Juno Records

  • PJ Pooterhoots :: "I Can't Go for That"