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King Seven

Nice hard-to-find track today from Leed's King Seven. I guess King Seven is the alias of James Hoffman, a talented young guitarist and producer who has fast become one of scissorkick's artists to watch. Hoffman doesn't do anything cutting edge, but instead takes those edges and sands them down to smooth, child-safe rounded corners. His combination of airy neo-folk guitar and down/midtempo drums is initially reminiscent of Lemon Jelly or Hint and although his Hidden EP has a sound you will swear you've heard, it's probably unlikely you actually have unless of course you picked up Bonobo's new Solid Steel mix which features the title track of the EP. This is wintery, holiday drive soundtrack stuff for sure, a welcome addition to the scissorkick holiday mix which will be available online for December. "Simple Folk" is pure stereo cinnammon, a winning combination of pastoral acoustic and processed guitar, energetic drums and just enough conga to keep it funky. If you've been looking for something to counteract some of the dissonant records you've been listening to, this is it. A surefire cure-all for drone-damaged and tinitus-prone ears. Resources

  • For more information on King Seven check out his homepage.

  • King Seven :: "Simple Folk"