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New Boards of Canada

Big post today. And yes this is a track from the real record. Not the fake that was ingeniously floating around online and fooled a lot of people (myself included). Was lucky enough to get a copy of The Campfire Headphase, the newest full-length record from Boards of Canada set for an Ocotber 17th release date. Although I am often guilty of hyperbole, those that know me can attest to a special love for the UK duo who are undeniably among the finest purveyors of organic, slightly eerie electronica. Their fanbase is a truly loyal one, deconstructing the hidden (and sometimes obvious) numerological and religious subtext of their tracks and posting these discoveries online for further chatroom conversations. Today's post is a double dose, one for the eager fans awaiting a taste of the new record -- which is fantastic and surprising -- and a rarity I found online of a classic from their second official LP Geogaddi. "A is to B as B is to C" when played backwards (as this post shows) is marked by some classic BoC weirdness. Trust me. As for the new track, "Hey Saturday Sun," resident BoC expert and friend Jamie Roberts has given it two affirming devil horns straight up to the heavens. All I really have to add is one word: guitars. For long-time fans of BoC, you recognize the significance of guitars on a BoC track. That's good enough for me. I hope you like it. Resources

  • For more information on Boards of Canada check out their homepage.
  • Purchase the single "Oscar See Through Red Eye" as an MP3 from Warp directly at Bleep.com
  • You can purchase other full length LPs online at Insound.com by clicking here.

  • Boards of Canada :: "Hey Saturday Sun" Boards of Canada :: "A is to B as B is to C" (played in reverse)