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Minotaur Shock

Wow. I think the USPS just delivered one of the first serious contenders for scissorkick's Best of 2005. You may have heard of David Edwards, aka Minotaur Shock, back when the silly Folktronica craze was making its rounds in the music media. And although you will be able to discern a heavy dose of contemporaries like Boards of Canada, Four Tet, Boom Bip and Caribou in his music, Edwards differentiates himself from those talented songwriters by unflinchingly embracing melody. These are songs, simply and seemingly effortlessly created, that don't simply just loop interesting beat fragments, but instead contain an engaging narrative found routinely in successful pop music. His sound palette is enormous and the bravery by which he utilizes his sense of melody (seriously watch out for the Van Halen keyboards; seriously) is admirable and quite frankly refreshing, given the lack of truly amazing electronic albums in the past year or so. Look, take out the D in IDM, roll it up and smoke it. This is simply intelligent music. "Mistaken Tourist" is taken from his upcoming full-length LP, Maritime on 4AD. Look out for it in the coming months and pick of the "Vigo Bay" EP by clicking below. Resources

  • For more information about Minotaur Shock check out the 4AD mini site.

  • Check out the Minotaur Shock homepage here.

  • You can purchase Minotaur Shock music online at Insound.com by clicking this link

  • Minotaur Shock :: "Mistaken Tourist