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Malente (Rubberfunk Remix)

Huge chunk of dance floor groove today that would fit perfectly in a set of bangers featuring Fort Knox, All Good Funk Alliance and Dynamo Productions comes via the new Malente remix compilation out on Unique Records. While a lot of the material on here has been released by the German producer with a couple of full-lengths under his belt, nothing scorches with more heat than this burner remixed by the man of the hour, Dr. Rubberfunk that simply continues the good Doctor's winning streak of pure funk fusion for an open crowd. With a nod to both Grand Funk Railroad and the banging Bollywood sitar funk of the 70s, this track will easily transform the floor from a cold living dead to a raging inferno. Although an "I Sell Marihunana" single has been released it does not include this amazing remix, only available on the new 2x LP. For more info on Malente, check out the new album site HERE
Malente :: "I Sell Marihuana (Dr. Rubberfunk's Sitar Boogie RMX)